With over 150 of combined staff years of experience in deploying structured office cabling (SOC) and Fiber optic cabling (FOC) infrastructure for various companies, EdgePress has the capability to effectively support your deployment and maintenance needs. Starting from the conceptualization to design, implementation, and support, we have the technical capability to deliver and exceed your expectations.

EdgePress has the requisite tools including test and measurement tools to ensure infrastructure deployment that works.

For both onshore and offshore deployments, our team of technical personnel has the requisite offshore certifications to attend to your need in a timely and prompt manner.

We have executed several External Line Projects (ELP) in various locations across the country including civil work – survey/design, trenching, laying, backfilling, casting and installation of the manhole, breaking/reinstatement of concrete and asphalt, and telecom work – fiber pulling/blowing, splicing/termination, testing, and commissioning.